June 21, 2019
  • 10:48 PM Advocating for RAW vs JPEG
  • 9:04 PM The Exposure Triangle
  • 10:59 PM Photographic Exposure: Learn the Fundamentals, part I
  • 2:22 AM Miami Beach South Pointe.
  • 1:57 AM Cuban-American In Miami: Maria de las Nieves
  • 7:24 PM Notre Dame no more.
Cape Canaveral. Florida, 1981

Just in time for Miami Art Basel Week, the HistoryMiami Museum is presenting A Peculiar Paradise: Florida Photographs by Nathan Benn. I visited the show on his opening day on November 8. The Museum, located at 101 West Flagler Street, sets apart from the chaotic Downtown Miami because of its location over a central plaza in […]