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Salinas River


Salinas River
Roman bridge over the River, Salinas de Pisuerga. Image by Isabel Sierra

This Roman bridge in Salinas de Pisuerga -over the Pisuerga River, Palencia, Spain-, is the mandatory stop in town. Fishermen like to practice the sport on its shores.  

I took this photo  in the month of June, when it was still quite cold in the area. Low temperature did not prevent this fisherman to remain stationed for a long time, while I watched the scene from the interior of a nearby cafe. At a time when the light became appropriate, I approached the river and made several shots from different angles. In this take the majestic bridge ended up being the protagonist of the composition.

Technical challenges                                                            Fisherman, River, and Bridge is not a very technical challenging image, other than to wait for some warmer color temperature in real time.

Post-processing or retouching                                                      The original file was treated using the Camera Raw software for custom color temperature only. In addition, an HDR Photoshop Filter was applied.


Salinas de Pisuerga is a municipality located in the Province of Palencia, Castille and Leon, Spain. 

Reference GPS :
N 42°50’51.7128” W -4°22’46.38”

Reference Address:                                                                      

22, Plaza de la Serreria
34830 Salinas de Pisuerga
Spain                                                                                               Various parking spots on either side of bridge. Pleasant picnic spot next to river with bars nearby.