May 29, 2020
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Miami can be the background of the rich and famous in the news and the movies, but the Magic City is also a place where all kind of different communities melt, live, and prosper. Among them, the first Cuban generation of exiles arrived in the area of Little Havana after the Cuban revolution that took place in 1959. In this and future posts in the PORTRAITcategory , I will go deep documenting this transitional group, the pioneers that set the course for others who arrived later on. I will do it one Cuban American at the time.


Cuban-American exile Maria del Carmen in her Little Havana house. Original medium format film scanned. Mamiya 645 camera. All rights reserved Isabel Sierra©inFocus Photograph 2019

I came from Cuba in October 1966. I had to do all kind of jobs I never did before in my life. Then I started working in a Federal position.-Carmen

She had to make the crossover in a hurry in a city where nobody else spoke Spanish at the time. Because she was prohibited to go back to her birthplace, she traveled the rest of the world and treasured memories of those trips. Consider that each cup behind her is from a different place.

How I worked

I did her portrait with the medium format Mamiya 645 in a tripod using only ambient light. At the same time, I was recording all her tales so I could revise what she said later. Not interested in doing a professional video though, just a portrait that resumes her story and speaks for itself. Here is a link for some of support video source at Youtube

“Now I’m retired, Carmen says in the video, after 32 years working. After so many years in the United States, I believe I accomplished my life, I had a beautiful life here.”

When I asked about the picture in the wall she explained me it was the facade of her home in Havana.