October 19, 2019
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Miami can be the background of the rich and famous in the news and the movies, but the Magic City is also a place where all kind of different communities melt, live, and prosper. Among them, the first Cuban generation of exiles arrived in the area of Little Havana after the Cuban revolution that took […]


In this category PORTRAIT, I will go deep documenting the Cuban American transitional group, the pioneers that set the course for others who arrived later on. I will do it one Cuban American at the time.


To consider which file format to use, we must take into account how to obtain as much information as possible so that in the post-caption process the smallest possible amount of the original information is lost. Every time we make adjustments during the edition of a photograph, it loses information. Therefore, if we use a […]

Claude Monet Garden The Clos-Normand garden at Monet House always filled by visitors. All rights reserved IsabelSierraPHOTOGRAPHY©inFocusPHOTOGRAPH

I always had the wish to visit the house of Claude Monet because of my oil painting classes in which I had to copy some of the best-known works by the French Master of Impressionism. The tour While visiting Paris it is easy to book a tour to Giverny. Many do the trip every day. […]

Oriental Cost, Cozumel.

Cozumel is a Mexican Island known as a cruise port in the Caribbean Sea. There is little that is developed on the island behind a small area around the docks where the immense boats bring thousands of tourists to this minimal coastal area. WHAT TO DO Beyond the nearby few blocks of cafes and souvenir […]


Everyone on occasion has experienced the disappointment of checking that the photo that we like the most has a slight blur or is slightly moved as a result of not grabbing the camera correctly. The most important consideration we must have to firmly grasp a camera is that we become the tripod that supports it, […]

Henri Cartier Bresson

Henri Cartier–Bresson. French, b. 1908, d. 2004 is one of the most influential, and beloved figures in the history of photography. Henri Cartier Bresson traveled to Cuba in late 1962 to photograph Cuban life under Castro. (LIFE Magazine- 15th March 1963, Castro’s Cuba). He was only able to get accredited as a European, as no American […]

Monticello, US

Yes, I am one of the 500,000 people who stop at Monticello each year. I did it in the spring of 2016, and the visit was mesmerizing. After a guided tour to the interior of the mansion, -sorry pictures not allowed-, I took several photos of the exterior main residence . Also, I photographed the outbuildings, […]

Salinas River

  This Roman bridge in Salinas de Pisuerga -over the Pisuerga River, Palencia, Spain-, is the mandatory stop in town. Fishermen like to practice the sport on its shores.   I took this photo  in the month of June, when it was still quite cold in the area. Low temperature did not prevent this fisherman to […]


Peñafiel Castle is located in Peñafiel, Valladolid Province, Spain. I visited the place in a winter afternoon and was mesmerized by the view over the valley, The Castle was overlooking and old medevil town in the middle of hills and valleys; I just choose to shut in the other direction to avoid the constructions in my […]