October 31, 2020
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Hi! I’m Isabel Sierra. Thanks for stopping by. I’m a Woman, Visual Artist, and Blogger. A modern Pilgrim who settled in Miami at the end of a nomadic quest.

I was born in Havana, Cuba, of Spanish parents. My grandfather worked as a photographic assistant for El Diario de la Marina, the most important newspaper in Havana in the 1950 ’s. At that time Ernest Hemingway drank his special Daiquiri (no sugar, double rum) at El Floridita some five blocks away from my house and the city was a magical destination for tourists, investors, and worldwide renowned artists.

I grew up in a house where vintage cameras and 1920s Kodak paper boxes filled with 5×7 negatives were part of the surroundings. I began to make snapshots during those romantic early years, photographing The Lost Paradise,-as Cabrera Infante named the city. Later in my 20’s I initiated formal photography studies in the Old Havana Lyceum Photographic Club where I met fascinating people who practiced photography decades before my birth. I started to combined formalist aesthetic with social concerns with Chinatown, a collection of images about an old immigrant Chinese area in Havana that resisted the changes that the Cuban Revolution brought elsewhere. Then I left my Cuban birthplace to migrate into Venezuela but only to escape the Chavez Revolution just in time. Consequently, I settled in Miami in 1998, where there was an essential Cuban American population at the time, and still is. So I have the best of two worlds.
Today I continue to work in my main subject, expressing my issues with migration processes and identity, focused on revealing my individuality. Besides, happy times in America expanded my themes to landscape, architecture, nature, and portraits since I enjoy genuinely to travel accross the United States and around the globe.
Also, different galleries and museums in Europe, South America, and the USA have showed and collected my work, which is a blessing. Besides, I’m being published in Europe and America, also very rewarding.

An American citizen, I work and reside in Miami

Paloma, Havana 1991 © 1981-2018 iSierra photography All Rights Reserved
Paloma, Havana 1991 © 1981-2018 iSierra photography All Rights Reserved